Chocolate and raspberry pavlova

Searching for a delicious and elegant Valentine’s Day dessert? Try our Chocolate and Raspberry Pavlova recipe for an unforgettable evening. Originating from New Zealand and Australia, the Pavlova is a delightful combination of crisp meringue and smooth whipped cream, topped with fresh fruit. This chocolate-framboise version adds a rich and tangy twist, making it a perfect sweet treat to share with your loved one.

  • Preparation 1 h 15
  • Baking 1 h 00
  • Servings 4
  • Level Expert


Chocolate meringue

Raspberry compote

White chocolate whipped cream


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This recipe is a collaboration with Kassandra Pietropaolo, a certified Les Chats Gourmets chef.

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They keep well separately for 3 to 4 days. So it’s an ideal recipe to make ahead and only have to assemble when you’re ready to feast.

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If the meringue is cooked through, it will peel off the parchment paper easily. If it still sticks, bake for a further ten minutes.

Preparation steps

  • Baking information
    • Temperature 120°C
    • Heat rotary
    • Baking time 1 h 00

Raspberry compote

Crème fouettée au chocolat blanc


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