New Collaboration with Athina Food Studio

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New photo collaboration

We are beyond thrilled to announce our new collaboration with Athina Food Studio!

We eagerly look forward to publishing our recipes illustrated by the talented Athina.

But Who is Athina Food Studio ?


Hi, I’m Athina,
I am a culinary photographer, content creator, and community manager.

After studying Food and Health Engineering, I lived abroad for several years, working in the restaurant industry while writing about my travel adventures and recipe creations on my blog and social media.

These human and professional experiences led me to create a tailor-made career that aligns with my nomadic lifestyle, my values, and combines my passions: photography and cooking.

I work for brands, restaurants, artisans, magazines, and publishing houses. I strive to offer original, high-quality content with strong educational value that respects the planet.

Why this Collaboration

At Les Chats Gourmets, we firmly believe that a recipe is more than just a list of ingredients and steps. The magic should begin as soon as you arrive on our Website, making you eager to cook our recipes. That’s why photography is crucial, and we are committed to continually improving the presentation of our recipes.

When we saw Athina’s incredible work, we were excited about this new collaboration.

We personally invite you to explore her high-quality work and unique world.

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