La photo représente la recette : Beer and Calvados Crepes

Beer and Calvados Crepes

Passed down from our great-grandmother Madeleine Lavoine, hailing from Bayeux, France, this Beer and Calvados Crepe batter recipe is truly a culinary treasure. Crafting the perfect crepe with this rich and flavorful batter may present a challenge, but any effort is quickly forgotten at the first taste. This recipe not only embodies the essence of traditional French cuisine but also brings a piece of our family’s heritage to your table. Join us in honoring the legacy of Madeleine Lavoine as we share with you the secret to these irresistibly delicious crepes.

  • Preparation 30 min
  • Rest 1 h 00
  • Servings 25 crepes
  • Level Intermédiaire


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La photo représente la recette Héritage Crêpes à la bière et au calvados, réalisée par Recette de Madeleine Lavoine (France, Bayeux).

Heritage recipe

This recipe is a gift from Recipe of Madeleine Lavoine (France, Bayeux) a precious culinary heritage that perpetuates his love of cooking.

You can thank her or pay tribute to her by leaving a little comment 😻.

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It’s important to let the first side of each pancake cook through, otherwise you’ll have trouble flipping them.

Remember, missing the first crepe is not inevitable!


Pour in the ladle all at once, then move the pan to allow the batter to spread.

Put enough batter into the pan. The crepes should be just as generous as the batter and will be easier to form.

Preparation steps

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