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Collaboration with Amandine Avril Photographer

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** Our partnership with Amandine has come to an end. We have enjoyed working with her.

New collaboration

It’s with great pleasure that we announce the collaboration between Les Chats Gourmets and Amandine Avril, a photographer by profession.

As part of our ongoing drive to deliver quality culinary content, we decided to improve the photographic quality of our recipes. After placing an ad on our social networks looking for a photographer, Amandine offered to help us. Given her high-quality culinary photography portfolio, we didn’t hesitate to accept.

Amandine will photograph our recipes, bringing them to life through her photos, and thus helping us to inspire you to cook and try them.

The collaboration with Chats Gourmets is perfect timing! It’s the start of a new adventure that promises beautiful photos and tasty dishes!

Amandine Avril

Its history

Amandine has been passionate about photography from an early age.

She first studied photography for two years in Toulouse to acquire a technical background. With her diploma in hand, she began taking photographs of her surroundings, especially horseback riding.

She now specializes in food photography, combining her two passions: photography and cooking.

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